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    Yaaaar, matey! Delay that Dragon!

    Alright boys and girls, gather ’round, because uncle Vadermath will be bringing you gaming news around here from all over the place! The place being Earth. Here’s what we’ve got today.

    You all remember Dragon Age Origins, right folks? Well, that newest hot thing coming out of the RPG-making furnace that is Bioware has been delayed from the previous October 20th release all the way to November 3rd (6th for us European bastards).

    But it doesn’t end there, since the release plan has been changed further. Instead of releasing the game for all the platforms simultaneously (as was the original intention), the PS3 release has been pushed to sometime in November, while the PC and 360 versions are still on track. Note that the reasons for the PS3 delay are for now unknown.

    Next stop, we’ve got some (expected) news from Telltale Games, which is by now known as the second coming of Christ for the old LucasArts games. This company has continued it’s episodic revival of the Monkey Island adventure series. Sure, there were many people criticizing the new 3D look, but it looks fine to me. Anyway, the second episode in the Telltale series will be available for purchase on August 20th, so start saving cash!

    And last, but not least, Hearts of Iron III has finally been released (digitally, at least) yesterday by Paradox Entertainment! For those not familiar with the title, it’s an awesome WWII grand wargame. As for the retail versions of the game, I believe they’ll be coming to Europe on August 14th and 28th. For you history nerds (raises hand), this is the perfect thing this summer!

    August 8th, 2009 by Vadermath
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